Crazy Planets - Mission Complete Hack

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 or Here
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9

1) Open Crazy Planets and enter any mission

2) Win the mission and return to Earth

3) Open Cheat Engine, and select process firefox

4) Copy the Hex F685D8758B1C4389

5) Search Hex, Exact Value, 8 Bytes, Also Scan Read-Only Memory

6) Dissasemble

7) Debug, Toggle Breakpoint (or press F5)

8) Go to the mission is to gain q

9) When the mission is to win the freezer firefox will play. Are passed to the EC and on the right side will be the red and change the value of EAX by the number 13 (19 decimal) and give Ok


how does it works ? need better explaination ..step by step.


the movie you uploaded does not work...